Urban Legends: Sleepy Hallow Road (Kentucky)

By: Elise Martino

As my friends and I sat at dinner a few nights ago, we began discussing some of the crazy urban legends we've heard from our states of origin. The stories ranged from haunted roads to demons lurking in surrounding forests. I grew fascinated with each story I was told and thought, “Why not find some of the spookiest urban legends I can from around the world and share them with the lovely readers of KLL’D Online?” Thus, spawned the birth of this eerie new series I have constructed for you. We're going to deliver the most spine-tingling myths and legends from around the globe. 

Our first urban legend comes from my very own state of origin, Kentucky. In Prospect, Kentucky- not far from Louisville- a road that which we call, “Sleepy Hollow Road,” had some relatively gnarly happenings in the 1970s. Interestingly enough, this road is incredibly close to my own house and I have yet to drive along and experience it for myself.

When driving along this path, there is absolutely no light aside from your own headlights which makes the cliffs and drops wildly hard to see. While that sounds like no walk in the park, things become far more ominous with the addition of a phantom hearse. Yes, you read that correctly, a hearse.

The legend says that if you are driving along this road at night, you face the danger of a hearse, with no actual connection to any surrounding funeral homes, following you very closely. At first, people believed it to be teenagers pulling a dangerous prank by honking and tailing closely behind cars forcing them to speed up.

It became a problem when said hearse began forcing cars into the embankment below. One would be inclined to think, “why don’t the police just find the hearse and put a stop to it?” Unfortunately, the police cannot find the hearse nor does it have identifiable licensing and registration. To this day, police have been unable to stop the torment of the phantom hearse.

From around 1970-1980, a place just off the road from Sleepy Hollow Road known as “Devil’s Point” was a hub for satanic worship and human sacrifice. It has been reported on multiple occasions, by those living in the surrounding area today, that you can hear the chanting and the screams of human sacrifice, though there is no evidence of modern sacrifices being present.

If satanic worship was not enough to conjure up some spooky material for you, maybe this next bit will. Rumor has it that in this Kentucky road’s dark past, mothers of unwanted children would come to the bridge closest to Devil’s Point and toss said child into the creek below to their demise. Most of the children who suffered this fate were deformed or sick in a manner that caused the mothers to lose their sanity. To this day those who pass by have reported hearing the phantom cries of mothers and children at what is known eternally as “Crybaby Bridge.”

Would you drive along this road haunted by the souls of the innocent? It's only miles from my home, and I feel as though it is worth a shot. However, if I do not return, let us hope that the phantom hearse did not drive me to my demise in the surrounding embankments.

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