Urban Legends: Nam Koo Terrace (Hong Kong)

Urban Legends: Nam Koo Terrace (Hong Kong)

By: Elise Martino

I frequently find myself having to decline spending the night in supposedly haunted places whether they are abandoned hospitals, historically haunted hotel rooms, or generally unsettling campsites. However, sometimes I find it difficult to stay interested if there are only small reports such as flickering lights or phantom footsteps. I find myself grasping at straws for something scarier than the average haunted house. Why is this? It is because there is something far more intriguing about real life horrors and supernatural happenings beyond the details that can be explained through science alone. Thankfully, there is one urban legend recently brought to my attention from overseas in Hong Kong that seriously peaked my interest.

Nam Koo Terrace is a century-old property, which during the Japanese occupation of the area, served as a military brothel during WWII. Rumor has it, Nam Koo Terrace is teeming with the shrieks and cries of the souls of the female sex slaves still linger throughout the halls. At first, I read this story with my general skepticism wondering what separates Nam Koo from any other haunted house. My doubt was resolved as I found my petrifying answer. Apparently on multiple occasions, women visiting modern Nam Koo Terrace have left the property in a violent rage attacking passers-by in an animalistic manner. One example, in 1960, was a teenage girl who left Nam Koo Terrace and attacked various police officers leading to an exorcism on the grounds. In addition to this, in the early 2000s, a group of teenagers wanted to find out for themselves what it meant to experience a real Nam Koo Terrace haunting. It is all fun and games until each one of you and your friends has their body completely engulfed by a new personality. Each one of the girls experienced a split personality causing them to become violent and ultimately not act as their normal self. One of the scariest aspects of this is a few of them experienced speaking with a completely new voice unlike their own. This story can be confirmed through one of the original news reports on the topic. However, this is not the end to the horror of Nam Koo Terrace and not nearly the scariest part. Honestly ladies, what good is a girls’ night out without a little demonic possession?

Nam Koo Terrace is not finished there. If demonic possession is not your style, maybe the growing number of suicide-inflicted corpses will catch you up. There is speculation that when a person enters the grounds alone, they start having visions of the gory and grotesque. As opposed to scaring those inflicted with the visions just enough to have them run screaming, the visions are said to be so horrifying that anyone who is witness to their terror is inclined to kill themselves or if not alone, you may be so inclined to harm whoever may be with you. Despite these events, the mansion stands as a historical landmark and currently does not face demolition.

Now I ask, are you willing to surrender your soul to the horrors lingering at the Nam Koo mansion?